How to help -- Bob Veillette

How To Help

Bob’s family brought him home in October 2006. In the past, you could often find him on his back porch, nose buried in reading.

How To Help

If you would like to help Bob and his family, please send a donation today, made out to “Veillette Family Recovery Fund,” to:

The Veillette Family
Recovery Fund

 c/o Naugatuck Valley Savings
and Loan
333 Church Street 

Naugatuck, CT 06770

Please note: Unfortunately, due to legal and financial requirements involved, donations made to the Veillette Family Recovery Fund are NOT tax-deductible.

In addition to funds, Bob and his family would also benefit from:

  • Donations of services from individuals trained in home health care who are trained in dealing with tracheostomy tubes and feeding tubes;

  • Donations of therapy services either at Bob’s home or off-site, including physical, speech or occupational therapy. Given that Bob’s condition makes it difficult to document the progress of these therapies in traditional ways, the family is particularly interested in practioners who would not be constrained by the typical “measurable progress” requirements of these therapies. Because of these requirements Bob has no speech or occuational therapy, and minimal physical therapy, since leaving the hospital in October 2006;

  • Help with, or donations of, technologies that might help Bob communicate more efficiently.

All questions about how to help Bob can be sent to his daughter, Stephanie DeLuca, at [email protected].